Individual websites and web applications for
demanding companies and creative agencies.

IT Project Management

Managing IT projects professionally and efficiently is what I do best. Regardless of whether the project is a simple microsite or a complex SaaS application, I always work closely with both clients and users in order to achieve success.

Web Development

When it comes to developing sophisticated web applications, I employ the optimal frameworks and technologies in accordance with the client's requirements. Only the highest quality in combination with agile development cycles help to quickly turn ideas into reality.

Full Stack Web Development

Websites & Microsites

Eye-catching websites are the result of successfully bringing together interdisciplinary factors. To maintain the attention of users and convince them to purchase a product or service, it is of vital importance not only to implement suitable technologies, but also to focus on the basic concept as well as the interactive design of the website.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Rich client applications require plenty of know-how at the front end of the web application, implemented by AngularJS or jQuery and communicating with the back end via RESTful web services. Continuous support and on-going development are the central points of SaaS.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

In addition to my own CMS developed in AngularJS for websites and SaaS applications, I work with the Bolt CMS. This allows even the most individual of websites to be up and running in no time. Plus, editing and updating content is quite easy because it resembles the system employed by WordPress.

Consulting & Project Management

I make a habit of reviewing current projects myself or managing them as PM in a team of colleagues. If requested, I will gladly provide on-site assistance to your company. Feel free to contact me at any time.

Great companies are built on great products.


Individual Solutions

For over 15 years, I have been working on some of the most demanding web applications available.

The list includes web-based systems and portals for the aerospace industry, websites adapted to various markets and languages, and SaaS tools and administration panels.

Every solution is one-of-a-kind, which is why I employ the most modern technologies to guarantee speedy development, continuous expansion, as well as high performance and stability.

My projects are initiated quickly, designed to be lean and agile, and are completed to the utmost satisfaction of my clients.

Integrated Development

Integrated development means being well-versed in all levels of a project. This increases efficiency and enables me to always keep the big picture in plain view.

My particular strengths lie in the following areas:

  • concept and business logics
  • interaction design & user interface
  • interfaces and databases
  • website & SaaS architecture
  • programming
  • project management
  • client management

Ben Künkler

Founding Partner at Saint Elmo's

I have hired Marcus several times for our technologically most ambitious web projects. With his professional knowledge he was able to plan and work efficiently from the very start to the successful project launch. What impressed me was his dedication to technical sophistication. He went the extra mile not only creating one-time solutions for a given task, but abstracting and generalizing to deliver reusable solutions to the highest standards. Highly recommended for his skill level, technical understanding and work ethic.

Paul Salwik

CEO at Blue Sky Alliance

Marcus has been a real source of innovation within the development of the Blue Sky Alliance IT environment, he covered ERP system, SPEC2000, AMOS interface and APP development. He is really a hard worker with a great understanding of the aviation industry and supply chain. I can only recommend Marcus, I enjoyed working with him.

James Sinclair

Managing Partner at InterChina Consulting

We engaged Marcus to build our company website, and we were very happy with the outcome. He drove the process which spanned website strategy, SEO and social media integration, design and coding, content integration and CMS, and ongoing analytics. We found him very competent, flexible and pleasant to work with, and especially appreciated his proactive suggestions and solutions. We won’t hesitate to hire him again.

Steve Langston

Managing Director

Working with Marcus made the task much less stressful than I'd expected. He had a really good insight into what we wanted to achieve and often suggested innovative ways in which to achieve them. Sometimes our requirements were a little out of the ordinary but Marcus understood them quickly and instigated them without any fuss. I can honestly say that working with Marcus was a real pleasure.

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Achieving your goals by employing the best technologies

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

The languages with which web applications are created.


Server-side programming in PHP while connected to MySQL databases

React, AngularJS & jQuery

The most common cross-platform JavaScript frameworks

Bootstrap 3 & 4

This framework simplifies the front-end development of responsive websites.

Bolt & October CMS

A handy and easy-to-integrate CMS for individual websites


SASS and LESS are CSS extension languages.

Grunt & Gulp

Development tools for automating recurring jobs in projects

RESTful Webservices

This is state-of-the-art data communication for distributed systems as well as between web browsers and servers.


Search engine optimisation for programming code and website contents to achieve top listings on Google and other engines


Reliable version control for application development and team work

Web Performance Optimisation

Numerous techniques, such as CDN, caching, compression, code minimisation and uglifying, embedded images, etc.


The suitable data formats for interfaces, import/export, and data mapping

ATA Spec2000

Standardised e-business specifications for data communication within the aerospace industry


SVG vector graphics or bitmap graphic formats for less lag time while loading



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